Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Watering Times

Since I have been a wonderful coffee drinker, good diet soda drinker, and a horrible water drinker, I decided to change it all up. I am highly increasing my water consumption to 8 cups a day for starting out. I was going for 3 liters, but I still want a couple of cups of coffee. This water intake has cut out my daily pot of coffee that I can easily drink. Obviously, it helps with my bloodsugar levels, because I don't have to give myself insulin to cover water! Honestly though, I don't really enjoy it. Yes, it helps to add lemon, but I'm not going through that hassle every time I drink water. Which is a lot. This has got to be easier for me to do, as a stay at home Mom, than it would be for many others. My husbands biggest excuse not to drink water is having to take bathroom breaks. Anywho, I will keep at it, this is only day 3. In fact Day 2 I only got 5 cups in because we went to see "Disney on Ice : Rockin Ever After" and I was trying to avoid multiple trips to the toilet(didn't work)! Yes, my life is somewhat lame, just the way I like it! So, the goal is to become a wonderful water drinker, good coffee drinker, and a horrible diet soda drinker. This shouldn't be too difficult to stick with for the rest of my HEALTH! I got this!

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