Friday, March 29, 2013

26 years and starting over

I have started pretending like I have diabetes and carb counting and eating better, which is dorky because I really do have diabetes. I just celebrated my 26th year this past February. And yes, I skipped a cake and ice cream celebration. Instead, I celebrated by making an appointment with my first ever Endocrinologist. I have only ever gone to Specialists during my 5 pregnancies, because I cared so much about the precious cargo inside my tummy. Now, I am focusing on myself because I am precious, too. I am precious to them, to few, to many, who knew?! My First Ever Endocrinologist Appointment went a little something like this..... Nurse: Do you have your meter? Me: >>>>>>Hands over meter Nurse: (decently hiding disgust)Wow that's an old one! Me: It's my favorite one I have ever used. Nurse: Do you have your pump? Me:(still in lobby)Yes, but I have to disconnect. (Pointing at lower hip area) Then I get called back for an hour, YES A FULL HOUR of Pure HELL!!!! When I went back with the nurse it wasn't bad, weight and height check. The nurse had to pull out a smaller blood pressure cuff, which made me curious. Then came in the Endo and started the hour mentioned above. If you have diabetes then you probably know about the Drill Sergeant feeling you get from your Doctor. It isn't enjoyable but so necessary for me to stay in good control. This time though, is different. This time I am listening to someone who really knows what she is talking about. I have had much better blood sugars, so it was totally worth the drill and kill hour spent with her and many more to come. I have monthly appointments that will hopefully get less frequent with tighter control, since she is an hour away on a 2 lane highway, with a dangerous rock wall on one side. I don't like it! She actually looked at my feet which no Doc has ever done and I was, I am sad to say, unprepared for! Doc: Can I see your feet? Me: (decently hiding horrificness of showing unprepped winter feet) uh ok Doc: (decently hiding disgust, but horrible liar) Your feet look alright Me: Yeah, for a Sasquatch!......Ok, I maybe just thought it at the time. I personally think these appointments should include a full body massage due to the blood sugar lowering benefits. Be massaging me as you are drilling carb counting into my head and that I have to count carbs every single time I eat something. Carb counting should be second nature to me?! Well so should the endomassage! Those appointments would be so much more enjoyable. She is testing me for thyroid problems(again), celiac disease which surprised me even though I know I am sensitive to gluten. My A1c was 8.5 which I chose not to fret on since I am doing better. I have to get the labwork done 1 week before my next appt. I am getting a new meter with a backlight, that links to the internet to download my bloodsugars because, like my pump company that I got it from told me, "We don't even support that meter anymore!" However, my little meter did still give an accurate reading so IN YO FACE BD haters!! I kid, I kid. But really, I hope I don't feel the need to say I'm joking everytime I joke. I think I pretty much summed up the appt. aka a necessary evil. Hahaha. I am expected to go back having checked the accuracy of my morning, noon, and nighttime basals which includes fasting. I love Dinnertime!

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