Monday, August 17, 2009

Second time

My hubba hubba went out on the road again after being home for 2 weeks! It was a mostly fun filled two weeks. We barbequed alot and went to 2 more. This past Saturday we went to our county fair and boy did our kids have fun. I cannot believe how expensive it is to take the family to the fair for a day of fun! The rides alone were $80.00! Food and drinks was another $70.00. What a croc!!
Tomorrow I have to take kid 2 for a check up. She needs a note from her Doc stating she is healthy and can be sedated for dental work which is next Wednesday the 26th.
School starts Sept. 2nd. I am homeschooling for our 1st time. The only teacher supply store semi-local(45 miles away)has closed due to bankruptcy. We went there last week just to find this out. We had never been there before, but it sure did look like a fun store. It had only been closed a week and still had everything in it. We were super bummed! We ended up going to Office Depot and spending too much on some of their overpriced school things.
We finally got our printer set up(just need ink and paper) then I can use many of the online resources for homeschooling. There are so many sites....the girls school uses, which we love. I will be subscribing to this year as well. Also has good things for learning.
I still need to set up the classroom. I think it will be in the kids playroom. I have all kinds of learning posters and things to hang on the walls. I want to get an alphabet trim for the top of the room. I'll check out Dollar Tree or find one online to print out and have the kids color. Kids 3 & 4 are going to be given more structure for the first time as well. I am going to do preschool homeschooling with them. I need to get our schedule and lesson plans worked out soon. =)

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