Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well this is different. My first time blogging. I have a private online journal that I post in, but it's PRIVATE! This is not. But, I am boring so I won't be followed by many. I must say, I am glad to be boring! All the big bloggers with lots of followers seem to have some sort of hardship in their lives, I have noticed. In fact, I am guilty of following a few of those people.

My Nightowlism has kicked in. It is 11:50pm. My hubba is at work and I am joining the blogging world. I should be cleaning my kitchen up. The Children and I are making Grammy a birthday cake tomorrow. Now I will have cleaning to do first. Grammy will be 54! We want to make sure she has a great day. I think everbody's birthday should be treated as a special day. All employees should get their birthday PAID off! Seriously!

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