Thursday, August 2, 2012

I wanted to share our shadow picture from a couple of months ago. It is in our backyard, only our Daddy is missing. He is always at work.
You know, it seems like time really hit the gas pedal once I had children. Everything goes by so fast! Of course, juggling 5 kids, a husband, dog, homeschooling, housework, diabetes, does keep me busy! I could sure do without the diabetes! It's been 25 years with this crap!! Only other type 1's can truly understand how hard it is..... Here is a picture of my loves from Valentines Day 2012. I love this picture! Lainey will smile for pictures now, usually, just not here!
And now I have to post a picture of my precious niece, who I still haven't met. I mentioned my Twinster having a baby when I first started this blog, so here she is....
That is all I have for now. Maybe I'll change this blog to My boring blog! Or maybe I'll actually post once in a while.

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