Friday, April 15, 2011

Our 5th Baby, Our Sweet Lainey.....

This is our precious Lainey Noel on December 18, 2010 at 4 days old, the day she came home. She was born on her big sister's 4th birthday, 3 weeks early because she just had to have the same birthday as her sis. ;o) Actually, it was a tough pregnancy for me. I went in at 37 weeks huge and miserable and had almost a pint of amniotic fluid taken out of my belly because I had so much and it caused my water to brake and sent me into active labor immediately. Right away Lainey's heartrate started dropping, no matter what position I was in, my baby girl wasn't doing good. I think it was around 9pm on Dec. 13 that they started the amniocentesis. I was taken in for an emergency c-section and Miss Lainey was born around 12:15 am on December 14, 2010. First time I haven't heard my baby cry within seconds of being born. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck which happened when the fluid was taken out, to much to fast. My baby was purple when she born. I didn't get to see her right away. I was exhausted, laying there drifting in and out of sleep. My hubby got to hold our baby and let me see her for a minute, then she was off to the NICU for 2 days because of low blood sugar, followed by Pediatrics for 2 days because of jaundice. I was released Friday night, Lainey was released Saturday morning. They wanted to keep me until Saturday because of my blood sugar issues, but he decided to let me go Friday night when he came to check on me and my Mom and my Children were all visiting me. I felt guilty and sad leaving without my baby and not rooming in with her, but my Mom and Hubby were already being stretched so thin that I didn't want to exhaust them anymore than they already were. Plus, I missed my kids and was so extremely emotional.
Saturday morning I called the hospital to check on Lainey and was told she might be released later that morning. We started getting ready to go up, Hubby ran an errand, I jumped in the shower and they called back as soon as I was in saying she had been release and we could come and get her. Just hubby and I went and we couldn't get there fast enough! Unfortunately, we had alot of snow and it seemed like it took forever to get there. When we finally got to our baby, we were given a little guilt trip by the nurses about how our baby wanted to be held and the nurses had to pass her around. They had her all pretty in pink. We waited around about 2 hours for the paperwork we needed to sign. I changed her hospital clothes for the second choice outfit I brought her. The first choice outfit said Baby's First Christmas on it, but it was too small. Lainey was born weighing 8 lbs at 37 weeks.It's weird when you first bring home your new baby. You have to figure out your new normal because everything is different. We have found it and we love it!

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