Friday, May 7, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!

We are expecting number 5!!!!! It is a shock to us, we thought our family was complete. Hubba said he figured we'd have another one. I have always wanted a big family, but due to my high risk diabetic pregnancies, and the fact that I've never had the best control, we knew it would be better for me not to have any more. I almost think miracle baby because I am that shocked. I was not even slightly worried about being pregnant. Out of the blue, my Mom's best friend calls and wants to know if I'm going to have another baby. "No," I say. Well, she just wants me to have 5 kids, because she is one of 5. Just 2 days later my Mom's sister comes over and asks me if I'm pregnant? I tell her no, and how odd that A.S. asked me that 2 days ago. Well af was due the next day and didn't show. I figured that my Aunts just messed with my head, but 3 days later I got a 3 pack of pregnancy tests, figuring I was just late and would probably start as soon as I got the tests. Boy oh boy was I wrong! The pregnancy line came up instantly, before the control line. I was sooo shocked. I still am. I don't feel pregnant, though that will come soon enough. I am tired already. I have already decided to do school for part of the summer, so we can have the month of December off. Luckily, the kids won't mind at all. They like being busy. This will give us more time to focus on Lexi's birthday/decorating/Christmasshopping/celebrating/newbabyarrival/lovingonnewbaby! How overwhelming it will all be. December has always been a busy month, and we just went and added to it, again! I wish the birthdays were in the Spring and Summer, that would be so much easier. I better start seriously picking gifts up now, to lessen the load for my highly pregnant self come December. I am already getting excited for Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! ;o)

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