Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November is here!!

That's right, November is upon us! We have already completed 2 successful months of homeschooling, 2 birthdays, and a fieldtrip to a bird refugee. Child #1 had her birthday the end of September, turning 9. We had a barbeque with lots of family showing up, all the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. It was loud, hectic, and FUN! Like every year, C said it was, "the best birthday ever!" So glad that we could oblige! ;o) J just had her 7th birthday this past Friday. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling well, had been fighting a fever the day before, and just didn't feel well. D & A were also sick with puking and fevers, though the puking wasn't bad. A had the croup, sounding horrible. She sounds better now, but is still coughing, as is D. Now CJ and I are getting sick. So is Grammy who never gets sick! We all have scratchy throats and I have a cough.

CJ was layed off in October. He has been home since right before C's birthday. We have loved having him home. We are hoping he can find a job around here with benefits!! He was called back to work on Halloween, but left the next day for a week. So far, he has been home at nights, but is heading to Montana for a couple of days on Wednesday.

This weekend the first Holiday bazaar of the year is here! How exciting! I love this time of year even with all the stress it brings me! Maybe because it reminds me of my childhood and the wonderful feelings and memories of Christmas! I strive for my children to have those same feelings and great memories!

More importantly, this weekend I will have a new niece! My twin sis will be induced on Friday, Nov. 6th unless Miss Avery decides to come sooner, which we are thinking she will!

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